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Vaginal Proteins May Help Prevent HIV and AIDS

Vaginal Proteins May Help Prevent HIV and AIDS

Vaginal Proteins in HIV-resistant Prostitutes Suggest New Prevention Measures

Researchers in Canada have discovered unusual proteins, found in small group of Kenyan sex workers that appear to be associated with resistance to infection from HIV.

Scientists hope that discovery will lead to the improved design of vaccines against the deadly virus which infects an estimated 40 million people worldwide.

vaginal proteins resistant to hiv Vaginal Proteins May Help Prevent HIV and AIDS

The scientific study, carried out by Adam Burgener and his colleagues, found that 140 of more than 2000 sex workers studied in Nairobi, Kenya, appear resistant to HIV.

Using a high-tech analytic method to compare differences among the proteins in vaginal fluids, scientists were able to find that those who were HIV-resistant had proteins significantly different from the other women.

Although evidence suggests that certain biological factors are responsible for the resistance to the virus, the exact identity of these substances remains unclear.

These proteins could be used as the basis for new medications to prevent infection, the scientists suggest.

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