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Paper Wristband Helps Prevents Sunburn

Paper Wristband Helps Prevents Sunburn

UV Dosimeter warns sunbathers when they spend too long in the sun…

Medicinal wrist band that help alleviate travel sickness and nausea have been around for years, but now a new paper wristband aimed at sunbathers and those who spend most of their time outside aims to help reduce the number of sunburn, and skin cancer cases each year.

Developed by Strathclyde University researchers in the UK, and commercialized by Swedish company called Intellego Technologies, the disposable wristband warns the user that their safe time under the sun is up by turning form yellow to pink. To do this, a special acid-releasing agent inside the wristband reacts to UV light, and a dye that responds to pH levels then turns color as more acid is released.

uv reactive wristband prevent sunburn Paper Wristband Helps Prevents Sunburn

UV Reative Wristband Helps To Prevent Sunburn

Image Credit: Strathclyde University, 2012.

Since different skin complexions can tolerate the sun for longer periods of time, the company will offer a range of wristbands with a more or less sensitive responsiveness to UV rays.

The wristbands are set to go on sale next year, and will sell for around 20 cents each.

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