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The Art of Traditional Wet Shaving

The Art of Traditional Wet Shaving

Using traditional shaving methods and products can help keep your skin healthy and free from irritation.

Traditional Wet ShaveThere are many benefits from using a double-edge razor to tackle your beard, stubble or afternoon shadow. In this modern age the focus of shaving is not on health but more so on speed. With daily wash routines being shortened in favor of earning a few extra minutes in bed whilst still getting to work on time, the traditional wet shave has taken a back seat to electric shavers and modern wet shave cartridge razors.

The traditional method of shaving using a double edge or straight razor, foam and water has been around for over a hundred years. Many are unaware that this age old method is not only more effective but is also better for the skin, the environment and your wallet. To reap these benefits all you will be asked of in return is a slightly more time and a little patience.

Benefits of Using Traditional Shaving Methods

  1. Improve Health – The most predominant reason men many take up a traditional wet shave is the promise of healthier skin. Modern cartridge razors often cause razor burn, ingrown hairs, redness and bumps and the budget canned foams and aftershaves made with chemicals and low cost ingredients only make the problem worse. Traditional products are full of nutrients and skin-friendly moisturizers and can help your face look and feel healthier
  2. Improve Your Well Being – It is well known that when you look your best, you feel energized and confident. Starting the morning off with an excellent shave using quality products followed by a quality aftershave will leave you feeling clean, professional, smelling good and ready for the day
  3. Save Money – Economical benefits are always a plus. Electric shavers range in price and are often over 100 dollars. Although they may last long enough to get your moneys worth, the results from a wet shave are by far superior. The cost of disposable cartridge razors is usually around $2 a piece, traditional razor blades can be found for as little as 25 cents, this can lead to saving of $150 per year
  4. Reduce Environmental Impact – With traditional wet shaving, the only waste is the lather you wash down the drain and a simple metal blade, which is easily recycled. Shaving soap bowls can easily be reused if you buy refills. Even the lather down the drain is friendlier to the environment because it’s just soap rather than chemical ridden goo

Double-Edge Razor

Achieving the Perfect Wet Shave

  1. Preperation – As well choosing the right shaving ingredients, the key to a traditional wet shave is to prepare your beard in the correct way. When hair is wet it is weaker, hydrating your beard thoroughly for a few minutes either in the bath or shower will make it easier cut with less irritation
  2. Applying Lather – The easiest method of applying lather properly is to use a pre-wetted brush to whip the cream in a bowl until it becomes thick. The lather should then be generously applied with the brush to all areas that will be shaved. Be sure to use natural products to avoid irritation
  3. Shaving Technique – Taking more time with your shaving techniques can greatly improve the health of your skin. Cartridge razors are designed to remove as much hair as possible in one pass, this method is extremely harsh on the skin and often causes irritations, sores and sometimes cuts. The key to using traditional razors is gradual beard reduction, usually 3 passes is enough. Best result are achieved by taking light strokes whilst holding the razor at correct angle, this may take a little while to master but anyone can learn
  4. Post-Shave – Using a quality aftershave will greatly improve your shaving experience. Aftershave or balm helps reduce any irritation that may have appeared it also protects the skin from the elements during the day

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