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Toddler Survives Cars Keys Lodged In Skull

Toddler Survives Cars Keys Lodged In Skull

A Kentucky toddler had made an astonishing recovery after a fall left him with a set of keys lodged in his eye and brain.

Nicholas Holderman from Perryville, Kentucky, was 20 months old when he fell and landed on his parents’ car keys. The fall left him with one key in his eyelid an another that penetrated deep into his brain.

His father Chris Holderman said:

“Nicholas fell down and we heard him cry. It was different…

“I said to my wife, ‘I think he hit the recliner’.”

Mother Staci Holderman added:

“I’ll never forget that moment. Nothing can prepare you for something like that…
“You can just watch him this morning and see he is a normal healthy baby.”

Nicholas had been playing with his older brothers when the accident happen last September 2nd.

toddler survives car keys lodged in brain Toddler Survives Cars Keys Lodged In Skull

His brother Isaac said: “When I looked at it close I saw the key in his eye.
“It was a very horrifying sight to see this happen to your baby,” dad Chris added.

His mother made the desperate 911 emergency call after finding Nicholas with the keys in is head.

“We knew that he was injured seriously,” she added.

The youngster was rushed to hospital by helicopter, where he spent six days recovering.

Doctors had originally thought that one key had ruptured his right eye. But after removing both keys without complications, they found, to their astonishment, neither Nicholas’ eyesight or brain had suffered any damage.

Nicholas has now made a full recovery.

“Fifteen minutes later for another [doctor] to say nothing was wrong, we knew it was a miracle from the Lord,” Chris added.

Staci said:

“Everyone will say, ‘Which eye is it?’ ‘We all grin and look at him and are so thankful and are reminded every day of what a miracle it truly is.”

nicholas holderman survives car keys lodged in brain Toddler Survives Cars Keys Lodged In Skull


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