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Thai Surgeons Experts in Penis Repair Because of Thai Girls

Thai Surgeons Experts in Penis Repair Because of Thai Girls

Thai Surgeons and Doctor Treat Many Cases of Thai Girl Cutting off Penis of Unfaithful Partners

Thai surgeons are world renowned for sexual re-assignment surgery (SRS), penis enlargement, and now penis re-attachment. Because of a horrific result from a combination from Thai Men’s desires and Thai Women’s aggression, this unfortunate common occurrence has enabled Thailand to be a leader in various procedures that involve disassembling, removing, enlarging, enhancing, and reattaching the penis which requires a lot practice and experience.

penis slashing Thai Surgeons Experts in Penis Repair Because of Thai Girls

They have been boiled, fed to ducks, even attached to hot air balloons and cast into the night sky – when it comes to permanently depriving a cheating lover of a recently severed penis, the imagination of the wronged Thai woman knows few bounds.

Penis severing has been honed here to its most devastating effect through a mixture of infidelity, assertive womanhood and a national cuisine that lends itself to a kitchen full of sharp knives. The men are now fearful of a rash of Thailand’s most notorious crime of passion, according to the surgeon who has stitched back many a male member for grateful patients.

Penis slashing is not unique to the Kingdom of Thailand. The United States has had 4 cases (including the famous John Wayne Bobbitt), Sweden has had three cases, and the UK and Australia have also had one case each. However, in proper perspective Thailand has had nearly 40 cases during the same time frame.

Men in Thailand or have a Thai wife and insist on being unfaithful, should follow the following tip from a Thai surgeon:

“If you have a mistress they (wives) will get mad and cut it any time, so make her very happy, always carry a thermos to put it in and keep the name of a good doctor close by,” said Doctor Muangsombot.

Polygamy in Thailand

Doctors and psychologists blame the attacks on a mix of Thailand’s tradition of polygamy, which was banned about 100 years ago but still persists, and the fact that the phallus is revered as a symbol of power and fertility. You can phallic symbols and shrines in many shops, homes, and temples.

The phenomenon has become so widespread that doctors have had to keep up with increasingly inventive and angry wives and lovers who want to prevent the offending item from being reattached.

Thai psychologist and media commentator Doctor Wallop Piyamanotham said the practice stemmed primarily from the outlawed, but flourishing, Thai habit of keeping secret wives known as Miya Noi (Minor Wife).

“Before a man could have many wives but later we followed the western law of one man one wife, but men still act the same and have many wives so the only revenge open to the wife is to cut off his penis,” Piyamanotham said.

Penis Replantation

From recent advancements made in penis replantation (reattachment) microsurgery, the sex lives of males who suffered from severe genital trauma and/or penis amputation are slowly being restored. The unfortunate truth is the better the condition of the amputated part at the time of the operation, the higher the success rate. If too many hours elapse between the time the penis is severed and re-attachment, there is less of a chance that the operation will be successful because of tissue death. If the severed penis has been immediately packed in ice after the trauma, there is a reduced chance of this occurring.

Thai surgeons in said it was now possible to make replacement penises from arteries and skin taken from other parts of the body that could be inflated with pumps.

Testicle Replantation

Re-plantation of the testicles is an extremely rare procedure. In many cases the testicles can be reattached, yet the sperm production is often severely hampered. There is a greater success rate of a full recovery if the testicles are re-planted within a relatively short period of time following the initial trauma. If at least one of the testes remains after a criminal castration, the victim will likely be able to produce enough sperm to have children. Thus, there is less need for replantation of the other organ, except for esthetic purposes.

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