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Spider Pill Cancer Scan

Spider Pill Cancer Scan

New spider pill robot examines your insides….

A new, miniature spider-like robot is being hailed by doctors in Italy as an effective new technique to scan for diseases like stomach or colon cancer.

The bot, known as the Spider Pill, is swallowed by the patient and uses its tiny on-board camera to wirelessly transmit images to a screen viewed by the doctors.

The spider pill also has moving legs that can be activated and controlled remotely once in the body. The leg protrude outwards an enable the device to crawl back and forth, giving the doctors more freedom during the examination.

Once the examination has finished, the spider pill exits the body naturally.

spider pill Spider Pill Cancer Scan

Doctors hope that the new spider-pill ‘bot could transform the difficult and invasive process of diagnosing serious conditions. Currently nearly all internal body scans require the use of a some type of endoscope – a probe device with a camera – inserted in the anus, mouth, or through a small incision in the body.

Dr Enrico Grasso, a cancer specialist at the University Hospital Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy, told reporters the invention could reduce the use of endoscopes that many patients find so uncomfortable that they refuse treatment:

“It could improve adherence to the program,”

The spider pill is not the first ‘pill’ to contain a camera, but it is believed to be the first that can be controlled after it has been swallowed.

It has been successfully tested on pigs but further trials will be needed before it can be cleared for use by doctors.

Elisa Buselli, one of the scientists working on the project that created the spider pill, said:

“This should improve the situation not just for the patient but also the doctor.”

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