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Sony Subtitle Glasses

Sony Subtitle Glasses

Sony want to help the deaf and hard of hearing enjoy more trips to the movie theaters…

When it comes to watching movies, nothing beats the traditional cinema experience, but for the deaf and hard of hearing, and outing to movie theater is nothing but awkward. Although many movie theaters do show films with subtitles, they often come days, sometimes weeks after the official release of the movie, and when they do hit the theaters, the films are often shown at unsociable hours.

Considering 1 in six people suffer from some kind of hearing disability, that’s a rather substantial amount of the public who are missing out.

sony subtitle glasses 550x309 Sony Subtitle Glasses

Sony Subtitle Glasses

Sony aims to solve that problem with its subtitle glasses. The glasses – which look a whole lot more comfortable than the standard 3D glasses issued by most movie theaters – superimpose the closed captions (or subtitles) on the lenses, in a way that makes it appear as though they were actually being projected on the big screen.

No word on when the glasses will hit the States, but Sony says it hopes to have the glasses in UK cinemas sometime next year.

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