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Smartphone App Identifies Pills

Smartphone App Identifies Pills

Pill app tells you exactly what medication you’re about to take…

A new smartphone app aims to help people tell different pills apart by comparing an image with those on its database.

The new app, developed by a Jesus Caban from the National Institutes of Health, uses image-analysis software to identify the shape, color and imprint of the pill to instantly try and find a match.

Currently the app returns results with 91 percent accuracy, a figure that is set to rise as the app develops more. One of the main hurdles the software developers must pass is that the app has trouble identifying pills from awkward angles, but that’s another problem that will be improved upon.

smartphone app identifies pills

New Smartphone App Identifies Pills

Image Credit: bradleypjohnson, 2011.

The app and research was presented at the International Conference on Image Processing in Orlando, Florida, October 2012.

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