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Smart Bed Repositions Patients To Eliminate Bedsores

Smart Bed Repositions Patients To Eliminate Bedsores

Automatically repositioning mattress prevents bedsores…

A Swiss engineer has designed a new smart mattress that periodically repositions patients to eliminate bed sores. While there are already some rotating smart bed’s on the market, the new design is the first that can be added to existing hospital beds, which could make it a much more viable option in terms of costs.

The smart mattress was designed two years ago by young entrepreneur and engineer, Michael Sauter with funding from Empa and the ETH Zuric. Suater has now established a company, Compliant Concepts, to manufacture and market the device, and hope’s that an industrial partner will help produce the mattresses by the end of the year.

 Smart Bed Repositions Patients To Eliminate Bedsores

Smart Mattress Repositions Immobile Patients Day and Night

Image Credit: Compliant Concepts, 2011.

The mechanism inside the mattress mimics the movements of a person during sleep so immobile patients are less likely to suffer from decubitus ulcers, or bedsore. The system also tracks and logs the movements of the patient, be it independently or aided by the bed. The information can then be analyzed by doctors to monitor the benefits provided by the mattress.

The current cost of treating patients suffering from bedsores is estimated at around $43,000, a task that is not only costly, but also hard work. Such a system that can easily be added to hospital beds could prove an effective solution not just in terms of cost, but also in freeing up valuable hands in hospitals and clinics around the world.


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