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Siamese Twin Baby Hope Dies


Conjoined Twins – Baby Hope Dies Faith Given 50 Percent Chance Of Survival

One of the conjoined twins separated at Britons Great Ormond Street Hospital has died. The procedure to separate the twins, Hope and Faith was carried out two nights ago after a sudden deterioration in their condition.

Shortly after the operation Baby Hope died, Faith is still in critical condition but seems to be improving, doctors have given her a 50/50 change of survival.

Their mother Laura Williams, 18, from Shrewsbury, became the youngest mother of conjoined twins when she gave birth by Cesarean section at University College Hospital in London last Wednesday. She and her husband Aled, 28, refused to have the pregnancy terminated on moral grounds.

The twins were joined at the abdomen sharing a liver, the intestines and a major blood vessel. Doctors had hoped to wait until the twins were older and stronger before carrying out the operation to separate them. But when their shared intestine became blocked, a life threatening situation, doctors needed to act quickly.

Prof Agostine Pierro, Nuffield Professor of Pediatric Surgery and head of the surgical team said:

“[The] operation became essential after a sudden deterioration in the babies’ health because of the blockage in their intestine…

“The children may have died because of that.”

A team of 20 medical staff assisted in the life-saving operation. Following the procedure the twins were moved to different theaters where Baby hope later died. Prof. Pierro said Hope, the less developed of two, died because her lungs were not strong enough:

“The technical separation worked well although it was extremely challenging and went according to plan…
“However very sadly after separation baby Hope’s lungs were too small to support her breathing and she died last night in the presence of her parents.”

Prof Pierro now gives Faith a 50-50 chance of survival:

“Baby Faith is stable after separation, she requires support for her breathing but she is gradually improving…
“However it is early days and complications can occur.”

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