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Eye Massaging Tool Rids Black Eye Bags

Eye Massaging Tool Rids Black Eye Bags

Can a warm gentle massage really get rid of eye bags?

We’ve all seen and heard of common home remedies to help clear up black bags under the eyes; cucumbers, tea bags, frozen or chilled ice or gel packs, placed over the eyes in the morning.

All of the above method opt for the same cooling technique to rid eye bags, but a Japanese company claims it’s come up with a new high-tech way to combat tired looking eyes; a vibrator.

eye slack haruka massage tool Eye Massaging Tool Rids Black Eye Bags

Eye Slack Haruka Massage Tool For Black Eye Bags

The Eye Slack Haruka is pegged as a gentle massage tool that reduces sagging under the eyes using vibrations and heat. The company claims just 3 minutes a day is all that’s required to achieve the desired effect.

It does seem a little weird that such a device would employ heat, when the general consensus is to cool the area. But let’s not discredit it just yet; as we all know that massaging techniques can do wonders for relaxing and healing, so there might actually be something to it.

And while you can never completely trust a company’s claim, there are researchers exploring microcurrent vibrations to treat such problems. However there has been little scientific researcher conducted into such techniques so far, and as a result, little evidence to prove it works.

Still, kudos for thinking out of the box, even more so if works, then it will certainly be worth the $132 if it can actually provide a life time of young looking eyes.

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