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New Full Face Transplant Photos Revealed

New Full Face Transplant Photos Revealed

The most extensive full face transplant patient has unbelievable new face…

Seven months after receiving what surgeon’s claim was the most extensive full face transplant procedure ever performed; Richard Norris now has a completely new appearance that finally gives him the confidence to walk in public.

Norris lost most of his face in a tragic gun accident in 1997. The shooting left him with no nose, checks, jaw, teeth or tongue. Norris said:

“For the past 15 years I lived as a recluse hiding behind a surgical mask. I am now able to walk past people and no one even gives me a second look.”

Norris underwent multiple life saving operations and several reconstructive surgeries, but none were able to give him features normal enough to go unnoticed. Unhappy with his appearance, Norris wore a prosthetic nose and mask, and went everywhere, even to the hospital, in disguise.

new full face transplant photos richard norris 550x309 New Full Face Transplant Photos Revealed

Richard Norris Before and After Full Face Transplant

Image Credit: University of Maryland Medical Center, 2012.

The face transplant was carried out on March 19 and 20 by a team from the University of Maryland in Baltimore. Following the procedure, Norris spent two months in hospital and another three months recovering at home under doctor’s supervision.

E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, dean of the university’s school of medicine in the release:

“The surgical team used their knowledge of vascularized composite allograft techniques with expertise in oral and maxillofacial surgery, dentistry, and plastic surgery to precisely transplant the entire face, including the midface, maxilla, mandible, teeth, tongue, and other facial soft tissue structures from the scalp to neck.”

The procedure not only transformed his appearance, it also allowed him to eat, drink and speak properly. He also retained his eyesight, which is a first for full face transplants.

“This is an unprecedented procedure that we believe will change the face of medicine now and in the future,” Reece said.

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