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REMee Mask Induces Lucid Dreaming

REMee Mask Induces Lucid Dreaming

The REMee claims to let users control their dreams…

What would you do if you could control your dreams? That’s the question the REMee Mask allows you to answer first hand. The new mask is designed to induce lucid dreaming, which allows users to control their dreams.

The REMee mask is based on devices known as Lucid Dreaming Masks, however current versions were bulky and expensive. After reading several studies on the authenticity of the technology, Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan, founders of the Bitbanger Labs in Brooklyn, decided to try a develop the concept into a commercially marketable product.

“The key to lucid dreaming is recognizing when you’re sleeping.” [Bitbanger]

remee lucid dreaming mask

REMee Mask

The REMee mask uses small microcontrollers that detect when the user is in full REM sleep. It then flashes patterns of light within the mask. These lights don’t cause the user to wake up, but they do show up as visual anomalies, which alerts them that they are dreaming.

The light patterns are customizable, so users can tweak the settings to find the most effective pattern.

The mask itself is also customizable. As well as the numerous colors, photos and patterns that are available, users can also provide a customized design for the front of mask.

Of course, there are no studies out there to back up the company’s device, however there are many out there that support the lucid dreaming theory. If the device does indeed work, then the asking price of $95 is a small price to pay.

Any experience with this device anyone?? We’re really interested in hearing first hand reviews of the REMee mask.


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