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Red Wine Counteracts Inactivity

Red Wine Counteracts Inactivity

A daily glass of red wine could have health benefits for those who are inactive…

We’ve seen how drinking a glass of red wine a day can have several health benefits, but when it comes to being active, we usually feature articles that promote exercise. Well here’s one tip that not only promotes the daily glass of delicious grape nectar, it especially suggests doing so if you’re unable to exercise, or are just plain lazy.

Drinking red wine in small doses is thought to be good for the body because of the high concentration of anti-oxidants. But now scientists have uncovered a specific antioxidant, known as resveratol, which has been shown to counteract the effects of muscle and strength loss due to inactivity.

The study compared two groups of lab rats both suspended in a weightless environment similar to the zero gravity experienced by astronauts. The group that was not given red wine showed a reduced muscle, strength and bone density, they also didn’t develop a resistance to insulin. The rats who were given red wine, however, did not suffer from any of these ailments.

red wine counteracts effects of inactivity 550x440 Red Wine Counteracts Inactivity

Red Wine Can Counteract The Effects Of Inactivity

Image Credit: Juan Pedraza, 2010.

Although the study was only carried out in lab rats – which may not directly translate to humans – the results clearly showed that resveratrol reduced the detrimental effects of inactivity on the body. And although there is no real substitute for exercise, if you find yourself unable to fit exercise into your schedule, a glass of red wine may help.


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