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Re-Timer Glasses Combat Jet Lag

Re-Timer Glasses Combat Jet Lag

Re-Timer glasses use soft green lighting to alleviate jet lag…

An Australian firm has released its new light emitting glasses designed to combat the effects of jet lag.

The Re-Timer device, developed by SMR Components, sits over the eyes like a pair of glasses and the elevated position of the bridge allows it to be worn over regular glasses or sunglasses.

The glasses, which are meant as an alternative to sleep assisting drug therapy, emit a soft green light that stimulate the area of the brain responsible for regulating the body 24-hour clock.


Re-Timer Glasses Combat Jet Lag With Soft Green Light

Re-Timer’s lead inventor Leon Lack, a professor of psychology at Flinder’s University in Adelaide, Australia, and a clinical psychologist at the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, explained:

“Our extensive research studies have shown that green light is one of the most effective wavelengths for advancing or delaying the body clock,”

Lack says that wearing the device for 50 minutes a day for three days after waking up will advance the body clock. 50 minute daily for three days before bed will delay the body clock.

re-timer frequent flyer calculator

Re-Timer Frequent Flyer Calculator

Since there’s a little math involved in working out what flights may require the glasses the Re-Timer website provides a handy frequent-flyer calculator that allows you enter your departures and arrival locations to find out if you should wear the device or not.

The Re-Timer device is powered by an onboard battery, that can be recharged via USB. They also feature foldable arms and come in a premium quality case for easy portability.

The device has passed independent ocular safety tests, however it is not suitable for children younger than 12, as their crystalline lenses have not yet fully developed.

Re-Timer device is already on sale in Australia for $273.90 AUD (about $286).

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