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ProDigits Bionic Fingers

ProDigits Bionic Fingers

ProDigits bionic fingers give amputees new dexterity…

A British company has created the world’s first bionic fingers that can give mobility back to patients with missing fingers.

The device known as ProDigits, can help users bend, touch and pick up objects – mimicking almost all the key functions of the human hand. Each of the bionic fingers is custom-built, the sockets are tailor-made to suit each patient’s specific needs.

The ProDigits can be activated by myoelectric sensors that register muscle signals from the residual finger or palm, or by a pressure-sensitive touchpad. The fingers also have a form of tactile-feedback, alerting the users when they have closed around an object.

The developers of ProDigits, British-based Touch Bionics, are no strangers to high-tech mechanical prosthetic limbs, they also developed the prosthesis arm known as the i-Limb – a device that has already given new hope to over 3000 amputees.

The company says the prosthetics are a prefect solution for those who have a partial hand, where the absence of fingers is due either to congenital anomalies or to amputation.

Maria Iglesias, a former concert pianist from Spain, is among the first patients to get ProDigits. The bionic fingers currently cost between $57,000 and $73,000.

Eric Jone Fitted With ProDigits Bionic Fingers

Another patient, Eric Jones, fought off cancer a few years ago. But his weakened immune led to blood-clotting disorder known as Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation.

Without enough blood supply to his extremities, he wasn’t expected to come out of a month-long, medical-induced coma and be able to keep his arms and feet. Jones did pull though, but lost movement in his left hand, his right hand’s fingers and thumb, his toes and parts of his feet.

Jones was fitted with ProDigits to replace his thumb. In other words, it gave him opposition, without which the hand is considered to be 40 percent impaired. Jones said:

“I didn’t want to wait even one more day before I could start using it. ProDigits offers me functionality that I can’t get anywhere else; it offers me the ability to grasp… I can pick something up and walk out to the car with it, rather than have to put it in a bag. Most importantly, I’m able to take care of my kids–play games with my kids, take them to school, make dinner.”

As the video shows, the degree of flexibility that the ProDigits offers is amazing.

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