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Prevent Asthma And Allergies At Christmas

Prevent Asthma And Allergies At Christmas

7 tips on how to keep asthma or allergies at bay during Christmas…

Allergies and asthma are both conditions that can flare up according to the seasons, and despite the cold of winter, Christmas is but another time of year sensitive sufferers should tread with caution.

However, there are some special festive measures you can take to help ward of sneezing and wheezing. Here are some tips outlined by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI).

keep asthma at bay during christmas Prevent Asthma And Allergies At Christmas

Tips on how to keep you asthma or allergies at bay during Xmas:

  • Beware of real Christmas trees: Some allergies are triggered by terpene, which is found in the oil or sap of live evergreen trees, wreaths and garlands. Other allergy sufferers may react to mold or pollen on trees and natural decorations. The ACAAI suggests washing pollen and mold off live trees, especially the trunk, with a garden hose and leaving the tree in a bucket of water in the garage or a covered porch while it dries. Wear gloves when handling the tree to protect against contact with sap.
  • Even beware of artificial Christmas tress: For those who are allergic to dust and mold, even artificial trees can be a problem if they haven’t been stored properly. Because dust and mold can accumulate on these items, it is a good idea to wash the tree outside before setting it up inside the house for decorating. The best way to store an artificial tree is to place it in an air-tight bag or container.
  • Keep you Christmas decorations clean: Ornaments and other decorations can also gather dust and mold and are best stored in air-tight containers. Thoroughly clean each item before putting it on display.
  • Don’t use artificial snow: Artificial snow spray shouldn’t be used indoors because it can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. Other potential triggers include scented candles, potpourri and other scents, and wood-burning fireplaces, the ACAAI warns.
  • Be prepared: Christmas can often mean a trip to visit family. So, when traveling, remember to pack your asthma and allergy medications. If the trip requires air travel, keep those items in a carry-on bag. Bringing a pillow and mattress cover is recommended for those affected by dust mites.
  • Get Vaccinated: People with asthma should talk with their doctor about getting a flu shot, the ACAAI recommends.
  • Be Happy!: Stress doesn’t cause allergies or asthma but can weaken your immune system. Make sure you take time in your busy holiday schedule to stay on top of your allergy and asthma symptoms so that illness doesn’t ruin your holiday plans.


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