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Train Your Mind To Think Positive And Notice The Difference

Train Your Mind To Think Positive And Notice The Difference

Create Positive Thoughts With The Power Of Your Mind.

It’s an understatement to say that the mind is a powerful thing. The way in which we process our thoughts and channel our minds energy has great effects on our overall well being.

Positive Thoughts

When we strive hard to achieve our goals we do not always get what we want. Sometimes we can not help but focus on the opposite outcome, this nearly always leads to those negative thoughts becoming reality. But, if we are conscious of our thoughts, we can intercept them and shift our frame of mind towards our desired goals.

It’s quite common for us to realize that the more we complain about something, the more we notice it. The more we notice it, the worse it becomes. This is a great example of how negative thoughts can affect our feelings and is perfect situation to see for your self how a positive chain of thoughts can make you feel more at ease.It really is quite easy to train your mind to work in a positive way.

Have you ever noticed that when you come across something new – such as a word you never heard, a type of car, a brand of clothing – that you suddenly begin to see them everywhere?Well, this type of thinking that can be applied to many situations such as losing weight, losing money, getting a date or even waiting on the phone for an operator. Simply thinking on the positive side of things can be more important than you realize because whether we focus on things we want or do not want, the truth is that what we focus on expands.

The more you focus on something, the more aware you’ll become. If you think positive about a certain situation you’ll become particularly sensitive to opportunities that come your way and this can help your dreams to become your reality.

Six Ways To Use Your Positive Thoughts Practically

  1. Annoying People – It’s inevitable that at sometime or another we will have to interact with people who frustrate us. Instead of focusing what is frustrating about them, focus on things we like about them. This can take some practice but you’ll begin to notice a difference if you stick with it. Perhaps they have nice shoes, or a nice smile, or their work ethic is admirable. Focus on that and look for more qualities you share or can relate to.
  2. Frustrating Situations – The more we think about a frustrating situation the more difficult it becomes to deal with it. The more we think about how annoyed we are the angrier we become. This of course is not helping either the situation or your health. Focus on the positives of a situation. Make an effort to pick them out. I know this can be tough to do, but just start. Look for things that you learned or enjoyed about the situation.
  3. Feeling Sick – When we don’t feel physically well, we are always quick to say, “I’m sick.” While you are entitled to saying anything you like, what will actually help you get better is by focusing on being healthy. Enjoy this time as your body rests and recovers. Focus on the image of you in perfect health.
  4. ‘I Hate My Job’ – Even at the best of times it’s not uncommon to hear this. I know I have said it a thousand times too many! Whether its justified or not, the result is always the same, you’ll just find more reasons to dislike the job.In these moments it can be difficult to think positive about your job and easy to forget how lucky and privileged you are to even have a job. But don’t let this get you down, to pick out and focus on things you enjoy about your job or all the wonderful opportunities you are afforded through it financial security, time flexibility, creative expression, feeling of empowerment when completing a project, inspirational co-workers, learning opportunities, chances to help others, health insurance, stock options, etc.
  5. Jealousy of Other People – Getting caught up with feeling of jealousy can be self-destructive. Instead of judging people as better off than yourself, try to focus on what makes them deserving. Highlight what they’ve done well and reasons why they have been successful. Now use these insights as a source of inspiration to help yourself excel.
  6. ‘I don’t have enough time for”¦” – How many times have you heard yourself saying this then found yourself wasted time on unproductive tasks like browsing the web, chatting with a friend, writing emails, channel surfing on the TV? I’m sure for most this is a common occurrence, it certainly is for me! We all use this excuse to avoid doing something we don’t want to do regardless of the contradicting actions we may follow afterwards. The fact is if something is important enough we can create time to make it happen. Instead of saying “I don’t have enough time for X” and then brushing it off, practice saying “How can I create time to do X?”, “How can I make this a reality? How can I free some time from my schedule?”

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