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Portable Breast Cancer Detector

Portable Breast Cancer Detector

Portable breast cancer detector promises to make scans much more accessible…

Japanese researchers have showcased a new portable breast cancer checker that could prove to be an effective alternative to traditional mammograms.

Unveiled at the at the Japan Pavilion booth of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), at the Medica 2011, expo in Dusseldorf, Germany, the new device hopes to make breast cancer scans available to those who can not reach a hospital.

portable breast cancer scanner 550x309 Portable Breast Cancer Detector

Portable Breast Cancer Checker

Developed by researchers at the Nihon University the portable unit utilizes LED lights and technology known as ‘the phase shift method’.

The LEDs emit light with a wavelength of 850nm, this light bounces back where it is measure by the device.

Any cancerous areas appear darker on the image due to the higher concentration of bloods cells, which absorb more of the light instead of reflecting it back.

Unlike mammograms, the breast does not need to be uncomfortably sandwiched flat. The handheld device can simple be pressed against the skin and the results will be displayed instantly on its LCD screen.

The breast cancer checker is still in its early stages, undergoing trails on animals, so there’s still no word on when it could be available. And its not the first portable breast cancer scanner we’ve seen, however, it’s would certainly be another viable solution should it receive approval from the necessary organizations.


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