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Play Golf Instead of Bike Riding

Play Golf Instead of Bike Riding

Playing Golf may be just as effective as cycling when it comes to overall health…

When most people think of golf, they imagine clam green pastures and a relaxed pace of game play, so relaxed that some people don’t even consider it a sport, but surprising new research suggests that one round of golf can provide health benefits similar to doing a 100-mile bike ride.

The new study analyzed the mortality records of 9,889 athletes who competed in the Olympic Games between 1896 and 1936. The results showed that overall:

“Engaging in cycling and rowing (high cardiovascular intensity) had no added survival benefit compared with playing golf or cricket (low cardiovascular intensity).”

The study builds on a small but growing body of research, which suggests that years of extreme exercise may be unproductive, if not counterproductive.

playing golf as beneficial as cycling

Playing Golf Maybe Just As Beneficial As Cycling

Image Credit: Wiki Commons, 2006.

In general, the research suggests that longevity benefits of exercise may cease to accrue or may even diminish past a certain point, say for example, over 20 miles a week of running.

Frouke Engelaer, an author of the study, conducted by a vitality-and-aging department at Leiden University Medical Centre in Leiden, Netherlands explained:

“During high intensive exercise the human body has to deal with all kinds of micro traumata. Over time, this will result in an accumulation of damage, which can be explained as a form of aging,”

However, experts do note that the research is still too little and controversial to warrant warning people against competing in high endurance sports such as triathlons and marathons, and that the findings should not be used as an excuse for doing less exercise.

While heavy cardiovascular exercise is the best way for most people to get rid of those pockets of fat, some can’t find the time, or simply don’t see results as good as others. This one reason why Lipo surgery has become one of the most popular ways to treat those trouble areas. Nevertheless, the new study suggests that when it comes to longevity, playing golf maybe just as effective (and less taxing on the body).

The study was published in the Christmas edition of BMJ—a peer-reviewed publication formerly known as the British Medical Journal.

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