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Plasma Toothbrush To Being Clinical Trails

Plasma Toothbrush To Being Clinical Trails

New plasma toothbrush cleans plaque and helps fillings last longer…

A new plasma toothbrush that promises huge advancements in tooth cleaning and fillings is set to begin clinical trials this year.

The plasma brush, isn’t actually a toothbrush, in fact it’s a multifunctional tool that can effectively break up plaque, as well as prepare teeth for stronger, longer-lasting fillings.

plasma toothbrush Plasma Toothbrush To Being Clinical Trails

Plasma Toothbrush

The plasma torch, which is no hotter than room temperature, targets the bonds that cause plaque to stick to the teeth. The same plasma torch can also be used to help fillings stay in place for longer.

Hao Li, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering in the University of Missouri College of Engineering, explained how some cavities need to be refilled every 5-7 years, and this can only be done a few times before the tooth has to be pulled out.

The plasma brush primes cavities by etching tiny grooves in hole; creating more surface areas for filling to adhere to. According to the research team, the plasma-assisted fillings could be up to 60% stronger than traditional fillings.

Human trials are set to begin early next year at the University of Tennessee at Memphis. All being well, the team hopes that the plasma brush could be approved by the FDA and available to dentists by 2013.

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