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Old Seniors Fall Prevention

Old Seniors Fall Prevention

We have all fallen in our lives. However, later in our life, falling becomes a much more serious matter – we can no longer easily shake off a fall with a laugh.

Little attention is given to the most frequent, yet preventable, causes of injury, hospitalization, and disability among older adults – falls! Falls are more common than strokes and can be just as serious in their damage. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Approximately 28-35% of adults 65 years or older fall each year. This statistic increases for senior citizens who are over 70 years old. The financial costs for this demographic is substantial and increasing worldwide as health care costs increase. If you are fortunate you loved one may only be slightly injured leaving you with an expensive medical bill. For those who are not so lucky, death and or sever decrease in quality of life is a more common outcome.

Fortunately there are a number of simple methods available to help decrease falls and prevent unnecessary injury.

Bed Alarms

By simply investing in a Fall Monitor and Anti-Wandering System, you can easily monitor and help prevent falls. By utilizing motion sensing technology, an invisible beam is able to detect movement vertically or horizontally. When the beam is interrupted by movement, such as trying to exit the, an automatic nurse call alarm is initiated. This provides an affordable remote connection to your loved one without requiring continuous supervision.

There are numerous Bed Alarms and Chair Alarms models available at Kerr Medical and the type of device used will depend on the application (chair, bed, toilet), the cognitive abilities of the senior citizen, the number of residents being monitored, and the layout of the room.

older adults falling Old Seniors Fall Prevention

Prevent Loved Ones From Becoming a Statistic

Fall prevention may not seem a topic of great interest to discuss, but it is very important – especially for those 65 and older to understand the risks and learn how to prevent falls. As we get older, physical changes and health conditions make falls more likely and more dangerous.


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