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New Technology Could Vastly Improve Artificial Hearts

New Technology Could Vastly Improve Artificial Hearts

A new technology could lead the way for the future artificial hearts…

A new pump technology that uses electro magnets and ferrofluids could greatly improve artificial heart transplants.

Developed by Christopher Suprock, founder of product-design firm Suprock Technologies, the new pump uses membranes and a ferrofluid, or magnetic liquid. When an electromagnet is turned on, the fluid is drawn to it which stretches the membrane out, when it’s turned of, the elastic membrane returns to its original position.

We’ve already seen several different approaches to building artificial hearts, including one which use spinning motors to consistently pump blood throughout the body, without a typical heartbeat.

Nevertheless, spinning motors and pumps can still damage blood cells, which can lead to clotting and strokes. But the new design could eliminate the risk of damage by functioning more like a real heart.

The technology has yet to be tested inside the body, but Suprock says his next step will be to team up with a medical-device maker to do just that.

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