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Worlds First Bionic Dog

Worlds First Bionic Dog

Meet Naki’o, the world’s first dog to be fitted with 4 prosthetic limbs. Naki’o’s story starts when his owners abandoned him and the rest of the litter when their house was foreclosed. Left to survive the harsh Nebraska winter alone with no food, the red heeler pup got stuck in a puddle of frozen water and frost bite began to set in.

Luckily the pups were rescued and taken to animal shelter. But at just 5 weeks old and seriously malnourished, Naki’o had not been able to fight off the frost bite and consequently lost all four of his paws.

Left with 4 stumps, Naki’o couldn’t play with the other dogs and resigned himself to crawling around the shelter on his belly.

But all was not lost for Naki’o. Veterinary technician Christie Tomlinson decided to organize a fund raiser to give Naki’o prosthetic back legs. But when Othorpets – the company supplying the prosthetics – saw how much Naki’o enjoyed his new legs, they gave him some new front ones for free.

At first walking on all four prosthetics was challenging, but Naki’o adapted quickly. Now Naki’o can run jump, play and even swim like other dogs, albeit a little awkwardly.


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