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Mother Sells Twins To Pay For Cosmetic Surgery


Belgium Mother Sells Twins To Pay For Liposuction

Prosecutor for the Ghent Police, Belgium, told the court today how a mother accused of selling her newborn twin boys for £9,000 ($13,776) to obtained funds for liposuction surgery had also been involved in an online rent-a-womb trade with women desperately wanting to become pregnant.

Sonia Ringoir, 31, a restaurant worker from Belgium, has been accused of treating her twins in a ‘degrading’ way and fraud.

sonia ringoir sells twins for liposuction surgery Mother Sells Twins To Pay For Cosmetic Surgery

Tamara Stegeman, the wife of a Dutch couple who lost money through the alleged scam, told reporters that Ringoir had run sperm ‘parties’ at her family home in Lovendegem, a village near Ghent, where she charged £300 ($459) a time to be impregnated with her husband’s sperm.

“It was like a coffee party. First we drank a cup of coffee and then we went upstairs with a syringe.” Stegeman said.

Mrs Stegeman and her husband Gideon, said they paid a total of £900 ($1,377) over three visits in the belief that Ringoir’s procedure would be successful.

Unbeknown to the Stegemans’, Ringoir had also taken money from another Dutch couple, who paid £1800 ($2,755) over five visits, also with promise of bearing them a baby.

In the end, Ringoir gave the twin boys to a friend leaving both Dutch couples empty handed. Ringoir claims she did not charge her friend for the twins.

Ringoir’s husband Marc Poppe, 48, told a Dutch reporter’s that she had charged money to fund liposuction surgery, a cosmetic procedure to remove fat.

He said the couple had searched the Internet to find a quick way to make the cash.

“It was financially attractive to us. Of course we wouldn’t do it for nothing,” he said.

Ringoir now has a new boyfriend Mitch, who told reporters that her husband had put her under pressure ‘to have her body rebuilt’.

“Sonia never had debts before she met Marc,” he added.

Ringoir can’t be charged with trading in her babies as this is not a crime under Belgian law. However, she now faces between one month and five years in jail if convicted on acts of degrading treatment and fraud.


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