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The Worlds Most Expensive Body Parts

The Worlds Most Expensive Body Parts

The most expensive insurance policies taken out for celebrity body parts

Many celebrities can accredit their rise stardom to specific individual body parts which caught the attention of the public, rather than the talents they possess. Seemingly becoming a trend amongst the rich and famous, an increasing number of these celebrities have chosen to insure their most valuable assets.

Most Expensive Body Parts

Below, is a list of the most expensive insurance policies that have been taken out on body parts.

1. Mariah Carey’s Leg’s – $1 Billion

In 2006 Mariah’s Gorgeous legs were signed up to Gillette’s “Legs of a Goddess” campaign, now they are worth and estimated 1 billion dollars.

2. David Beckham’s Body – $187 Million

The biggest personal insurance ever taken out by a footballer. Beckham’s entire body is said to be worth nearly 200 Million dollars. The super high insurance was taken out to cover costs toward Real Madrid, as well as his numerous sponsors, should anything happen.

3. Micheal Flatley’s Legs – $47 Million

The world greatest River Dancer had his legs insured for a massive 47 million dollars.

4. Angela Mount’s Taste Buds – $17 Million

Mount’s taste buds are said to be responsible for reversing a spout of bad luck for the British Super-Market Chain, Somerfield. Mount single handedly revamped the Super Markets wine stocks giving the company a new lease of life. Mount was insured by her employer for 17 million dollars.

5. America Ferrera’s mouth – $10 Million

The brace-face star of American Show Ugly Betty shot to super stardom and chose to insure her mouth for 10 million dollars

6. Ken Dodd’s Teeth – $7.5 Million

The famous teeth of comedian Ken Dodd became a standing joke before he even told any. To cover his valuable comedy assets, Dodd insured his teeth for 7.5 million.

7. Ilja Gort’s Nose – $7.3 Million

Dutch wine-maker Ilja Gort, was prompted to insure his sense of smell after his wines, from the Chateau de la Garde in Bordeaux, France, won several awards. Gort’s insured his nose for 7.3 million dollars.

8. Bruce Springsteen’s Voice – $6.5 Million

The classic American Rocker insured his vocal cords for 6.5 million dollars.

9. The Nose of a Perfume Smeller – $4 Million

Although we haven’t got a celebrity example, the worlds top perfume smeller’s/testers can earn up to 4 million dollars.

10. Heidi Klum’s Legs – $2.8 Million Dollars

The face (or legs) of Braun’s epilator advertising campaign back in 2004, Heidi Klum, insured her legs for 2.8 million dollars. And surprisingly ,one leg was said to be cheaper than the other because of some imperfections.

11. Keith Richard’s Fingers – $1.8 Million

The fret fiddling guitarist of the Rolling Stones apparently chose to insure his magical fingers for 1.8 million dollars.

12. Betty Grable’s Legs – $1 Million

Quite literally “the girl with million dollar legs”. Her studio Twentieth Century Fox, deemed her long limbs so crucial to the success of their films that they took out a policy in case they were damaged.

13. Jamie Lee Curtis’s Legs – $1.8 Million

Yet another pair of expensive legs. This Hollywood actress insured her legs for 1.8 million dollars.

14. Dolly Parton’s Breasts – $1 Million

Despite Dolly’s Parton’s entertaining talents, her most talked about qualities would have to be her large breasts, so just in case, the pair were insured for around 1 million dollars.

15. Egon Ronay’s Taste Buds – $650, 000

Hungarian food critic Egon Ronay, dishes out popular reviews that can make or break a restaurant. His restaurant guides are worth millions so it seems wise to insure his taste buds for 650,000 dollars.

16. Merv Hughes’ Mustache – $370, 000

Whist being one of the most famous household names in cricket, it wasn’t Aussie Merv Hughes’ skills that earned him the worldwide sporting status, it was in fact his mustache. All the more reason to have your upper lip insured for 370,000 dollars.

17. Hands of a Hand Model – $185, 000

Due to the obvious signs of again, hand modeling is a short lived career. For this very reason, the worlds top hand models have in the past, insured their hands for up to 185, 000 dollars.

18. Jimmy Durante’s Nose – $47, 000

The American TV star credited his “schnozzle” for his personality as well as his inspiration for hit titles like “Schnozzola” and “The Great Schnozzle”. Durante’s nose is insured for 47, 000 dollars .

19. Ben Turpin’s Eyes – $24, 500

This silent movie star is credited with being the first celebrity to have the common sense to insure his assets back in the 1920s, in this case, his crossed eyes in the 1920s.

20. Betty Davis Waistline – $26, 000

With the rising epidemic and the related public concern regarding obesity, Davis maybe one of the only people to have her waistline insured.


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