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Cocaine Addiction Cured in a Pill

Cocaine Addiction Cured in a Pill

Modafinil is drug that could help cognition instead of just numb cocaine cravings addiction

Curing a drug addiction with another drug, is a hot topic for coke users. Hope on breaking the addictions made possible by Modafinil,a drug used for narcoleptics. Many admitted users are taking part in a study to see if the claim is true which early evidence has already shown to be successful in diminishing cravings.

Modafinil Coacaine Drug Addiction Cure in a PillOne leading researcher recounts a patient’s story of how he accused his drug dealer of selling bad coke before realizing modafinil had kept him from getting high. Other modafinil testers told stories of flushing cocaine down the toilet. Addiction specialists decided to give modafinil a look because they realized it triggered something in the brain that improved patients’ mood, energy levels, and ability to concentrate. These are all effects that are need to counter the effect of cocaine withdrawal. Other than be an expensive habit that ruins family and friends it is also may counter the damage done to the users’ brain circuits.

Cocaine Drug Addiction Help

The National Institutes of Health has already invested $10.8 million researching modafinil as a potential cocaine addiction treatment (if you or someone you know is afflicted, Northern California drug rehab centers can help). Results from the first of three key clinical trials could arrive by year’s end. Nora Volkow, director of NIH’s National Institute on Drug Abuse, the narcolepsy medicine offers the best potential in restoring proper function of dopamine.

The main side-effect of modafinil is insomnia since it is originally designed to treat narcolepsy patients fend off neurologic disease’s sudden sleep attacks.

Cocaine Addiction Help

  • Cocaine intensely stimulates the brain’s pleasure centers, producing not just a “buzz” or a “rush” but outright euphoria. In a small safety study to ensure that modafinil didn’t make cocaine worse, some users found the once-a-day pill blocked that high. “We didn’t expect that at all,” Dackis says.
  • Potentially more important, he says, modafinil seems to increase activity in the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s decision-making command center and the spot that allows reasoning to override impulse or emotion. Cocaine reduces activity in that key brain region, making it even harder for would-be quitters to ignore cravings and resist another hit.
  • Modafinil also increases the ability to think strategically, a means of weighing variables and risks to make decisions, says Frank Vocci, NIDA’s pharmacotherapy chief.

Cocaine is highly addictive: About 16% of people who try it become hooked, often rapidly. In 2003, the latest data, the government estimated that more than 1.5 million Americans were dependent on or abusing cocaine, and more reported recently experimenting with it.

Addictions in general rewire the brain, says Volkow. Drugs cause a feel-good rush by increasing amounts of the brain chemical dopamine. The brain reacts by tamping down regular dopamine production, making users feel lousy between hits and setting up the cycle of addiction.

Cocaine Addiction Rehab Treatment

You Don't Have To Take The Fight Alone

At the same time, the dopamine surge also creates memory circuits that eventually establish so-called “cue-induced cravings”: If an addict passes the crack house or sees friends he did drugs with, his brain literally sends a strong impulse to use again.

Modafinil seems to affect chemicals that in turn regulate dopamine production, a different pathway than cocaine takes in altering normal dopamine, and thus one that might counter it, adds Dackis.

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