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Doctors Grow Boys Leg By 31cm

Doctors Grow Boys Leg By 31cm

A boy who was born with one short leg will walk for the first time thanks to a life changing operation…

A British boy who was born with one short leg will walk to school for the first time after surgeons successfully grew his limb by 31cm.

micheal mckenzie mother ginette and brother jevan 300x432 Doctors Grow Boys Leg By 31cm

Micheal With Mother Ginette And Brother Jevan

Michael McKenzie, 12, would have lost his leg if his family had decided to take surgeons advice. Instead McKenzie’s mother Ginette, 36, sold her home and launched a $150,000 appeal to help pay for her son’s life changing operation.

“It looked like a Thalidomide limb, really, because it was quite twisted and bent,” said Ms McKenzie.

“We were told that he would never be able to use it and we should just amputate.

“We went for second opinion after second opinion and visited every children’s hospital in England and then further afield.”

The family found a doctor in Baltimore who was willing to operate and Ms McKenzie began her fundraising campaign. They received support and donations from the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, who wrote a poem for auction; TV show host Graham Norton, girl band Atomic Kitten and Manchester United Football Club.

Michael and the family then moved to the U.S where he underwent several operations. To add length to his leg, doctors broke his bones and used a brace to stretch his leg as the bone healed. Michael still needs further corrective surgery but for now, the lengthening process is over.

Michael said: “I have to admit I never thought it would go this far….

“I’ve been waiting for this for so long now and I’m just so overwhelmed.

“My mum has been great and she made all the decisions when I was too young to make them, so I’m really grateful for that.”


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