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Medical Tourism and Surgery Tours Become Popular

Medical Tourism and Surgery Tours Become Popular

Recent studies have shown that Medical Tourism and Surgery Tours are becoming increasingly popular in Australia

A recent report has shown that medical tourism and cut-price cosmetic surgery is becoming almost as popular as a tropical beach for nearly one in three Australians choosing a relaxing getaway.

A survey by travel website Total Travel found that 31.5% of Australians would love to relax by a pool in a tropical destination such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka or Thailand, while saving thousands on surgery.

Managing director of Malcolm Baker, said society was centered on the body beautiful.

“People are very conscious of how they look. I’m not surprised that the travel industry is taking advantage of this social trend and that cosmetic surgery holidays have become so popular.”

A survey by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons carried out earlier in the year found a growing number of patients seek further medical help when they return home because of complications regarding the surgery. This has prompted a warning from plastic surgeons about the dangers of cut priced surgery.

Cut Priced surgery in a popular tourist destination can be risky, before deciding whether or not your chosen surgery should be done in another country, important in-depth research should be carried out and the patient should be fully aware of the possible dangers from undergoing surgical procedures in particular hospital or clinic.

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