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Medical Breathalyzer Test For Diabetes

Medical Breathalyzer Test For Diabetes

A new breathalyzer test to diagnose diabetes wave’s goodbye to blood samples and lab analysis…

A new sensor device that analyzes the breath can instantly diagnose if a person is suffering from Type 1 diabetes. The breathalyzer type device could also be used by emergency room doctors to determine whether a patient has developed diabetic ketoacidosis, a potentially serious complication that happens when diabetics do not take enough insulin.

medical breathalyzer for diabetes Medical Breathalyzer Test For Diabetes

New Test For Diabetes Waves Goodbye To Blood Tests

The new diagnostic test developed by researchers at ETH Zurich, works by scanning the breath for levels of acetone. Professor Sotiris E. Pratsinis and colleagues at ETH Zurich explain that everyone has a little bit of acetone in their breath. But people with Type I diabetes release unusually high levels of the chemical when they exhale.

The device uses tiny ceramic nanoparticles that are laid in a thin film between two gold electrodes inside the device.

Those particles act like a kind of electrical resistor, but when acetone comes in contact with the sensor that resistance is diminished. Small amounts of acetone don’t drastically affect the sensor, but in doses indicative of diabetes the resistance is noticeably altered, allowing electricity to flow between the electrodes more freely and raising red flags. The higher the acetone level, the redder the flag.

The test is extremely sensitive, detecting as little as 20 parts acetone per billion, effectively being able detect acetone 90 times lower than that found in the breath of diabetics.

With this kind of accuracy, doctors also predict that the device will one day be used by diabetics in the home to determine if they need to take more insulin, reducing the risk ketoacidosis.


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