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Man Shoots Nail Into Brain

Man Shoots Nail Into Brain

Man survives after shooting a nail into brain…

A Chicago man is expected to make a full recovery after a he accidentally shot a 3.25-inch nail into his skull. Dante Autullo, 34, was working in his workshop when a nail gun he was operating recoiled and struck him on the forehead.

Left with a cut on his forehead and in relatively little pain, Autullo thought that gun had simply hit his forehead.

When cleaning the wound at home, his fiancée, Ms. Glaenzer, also overlooked the full extent of the damage. However, when Autullo started to become nauseous the next day, the bride to be quickly took him to the Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois for examination.

At the hospital it became clear that the nail gun did not only strike Autullo’s forehead, it also send a 3.25inch nail into his skull. Luckily the nail came within just a few millimeters of the area used for motor function.

man shoots nail into brain Man Shoots Nail Into Brain

Dante Autullo Shots Himself In The Brain With Nail Gun


There are pain-sensitive nerves on the person skull, however there are none within the brain itself, which is why Autullo only felt the pain of the nail penetrating the skull.

To remove the nail, a section of the skull was removed and replaced with a titanium mesh. Ms. Glaenzer, told the Associated Press on Friday that he was in good spirits after the two-hour surgery.

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  1. Man shoots nail into brain without noticing. BBC, 01/21/2012.

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