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Man Loses 160 Pounds With Garlic And Onion Diet

Man Loses 160 Pounds With Garlic And Onion Diet

Man loses 160 pounds eating garlic, onions, plain biscuits and carrot juice…

A Croatian man has lost a staggering 160 pounds (73kgs) in just six months after inventing his own diet consisting of garlic, onion, plain biscuits, and carrot juice.

Momir Zmiric enoys showing off his old extra large size clothing. Commercial painter Momir Zmiric, 42, from the Croatian port of Split, decided to go on such a diet without consulting doctors.

“I did not want to go on a diet recommended by doctors and refused to take any pills as I knew it was all in my mind. I decided to go on a diet and to stop smoking after 25 years on the same evening…

“I couldn’t run even two meters. So I decided to stop eating meat, potatoes, cheese, smoked ham and all the other fattening foods I used to like. And as the weight came off, I started to walk a lot, to swim and to cycle”

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Momir Zmiric Massive Weight Loss

“I also ate a few other things that tasted nice but weren’t fattening,” he added, admitting he had eaten some fish but no meat.”

Zmiric recalls his old eating habits:

“I used to have two kilograms of roasted meat for lunch or an entire roasted chicken. Then at the wedding party of my sister, I decided to stop eating so much. I couldn’t bear to look at myself in a mirror anymore. I got a bit drunk at the wedding party, but when I returned home, in the darkness of my room, I decided to go on a diet. In six months, my weight dropped from 165 to 92 kilos.”

But doctors have warned against such radical weight loss and dieting.

Many people chose to diet without consulting their doctors, well balanced less ‘harsh’ diets are minimal risk and many people adhere to them with no problem.

But some of new designer diets that have gained popularity over the recent years, while being effective for some, can carry serious consequences for others.

If you are thinking about dieting, it is always best to consult your doctor who will work with you to devise a suitable plan for your needs.

Dietitian Dr Goran Peric said:

“It has helped Momir Zmiric, but it does not mean someone else would have the same results.”

Despite the warnings from the doctors, Zmiric says he is healthy and wants to let the public know his secret.

“I just insisted on continuing the diet. There were moments of crisis, but I wanted to lose weight, and, despite what doctors say in the media, I feel good and healthy. You can see I am fit…

“I’m about to launch a website to help other people, and I am also planning to write a book about my experience.”

Zmiric admitted his diet wasn’t that simple, but did not want to reveal everything:

“I do not want to do so since I want to leave something for my book. But I can tell you it is not only how much food you eat but also the way you eat it…

“People tell me I might be a candidate for the Guinness Book of Records. I do not know whether anyone else has lost 73 kilograms in six months. But I want more. Now that I do not need to wear 6XL T-shirts anymore, but only XL T-shirts, I want my body to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s in his best days. Believe me, in a year or so, I’ll look like Schwarzenegger…

“My main goal is to help other people who are overweight. And I know how many people are. My blood pressure used to be 200. You know, that’s just a step away from death. Now, my blood pressure is 120. I often stop overweight people on the street and ask them how much they weigh. Before they get annoyed, I show them a photo of myself six months ago stored in my mobile phone. Then, they start to think about themselves. I want to help all of them.”


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