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Man Loses 140 Pounds To Join The Marines


Marine recruiters worked with Ulysses Milana to help him lose weight so that he can join the ranks amoung The Few and The Proud

When Army and Navy recruiters met 330 pound, 22 year-old Ulysses Milana, they had just one thing to say, “You’ve got to lose weight.”

But instead of turning him away only to return again the next year, Marine recruiters chose to work with him, offering close support during his weight-loss journey which began in December 2007.

Just 11 months later, Milana had lost 140 pounds and was sent to begin boot camp at Parris Island, S.C.

ulysses milana of lewiston lost 140 pounds to join the marines Man Loses 140 Pounds To Join The Marines

“It wasn’t easy”, Milana recalls as he explained how he managed to slim down by maintaining a rigorous exercise routine, healthier eating habits and forgoing an occasional beer after work.

The 23-year-old even refused a beer at his going-away party Saturday night.

Milana’s determination to lose weight was spurred on by the will to follow in his family’s footsteps. Several of Milana’s family members served their country, and his wife, Latoya, also comes from military family.

Latoya, a nurse, helped Milana adjust his diet and lower his calorie intake.

“It was really difficult for him at first. He always said, ‘I’m gonna lose weight.’ But I never took him seriously…
“Then, when he started to do it, I told him he needed to cut his portion sizes way down.”

The Marines worked with him to develop a workout regime. Staff Sgt. George Monteith said:

“You can sit there and preach and preach, but if you’re not willing to help, then it doesn’t lead you to success…
“If I say, ‘Go lose weight and I’ll see you in a year,’ then what kind of help have I offered to make that happen?”

A former culinary student, Milana said it was hard to give up favorites like pizza and hotwings, but giving up the cold beer after work was the toughest pleasure to abandon.

“It was really hard. You see all your friends drinking beer, and you’re like, ‘Oh, man, I want one,’” he said. But his determination kept him on track, and he would he for the gym or don a head lamp and go out for a run.


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