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Gastric Bypass Saves 476 Lbs 16 Year Old

Gastric Bypass Saves 476 Lbs 16 Year Old

Briton’s fattest teenager loses 476 lbs with gastric bypass surgery…

Briton’s fattest teenager has undergone a gastric bypass (What is a gastric bypass operation? Click here to find out more) operation which saved her life by helping her shed 24 stone (476 lbs).

Malissa Jones, now 18, weighed a staggering 34 stone when she was 16. She admits to constantly gorging on chocolate, crisps and junk food, and would sometimes consume 10 chocolate bars at once.

Dietitians estimate that Malissa was eating roughly 15,000 calories a day, 7½ times the recommended 2,000 cals for a girl her age.

malissa jones britons fattest teenager Gastric Bypass Saves 476 Lbs 16 Year Old

By the time she was 17, Malissa was barely able to move, she need oxygen to assist her breathing while sleeping and she suffered from the heart disease angina.

Despite the risks for her age group, Malissa decided to have the bypass. She is the youngest person in the world to undergo the procedure.

“Doctors warned me there was a strong risk I could die from the op. But I knew I had no choice. Without it I would have died anyway.”

The surgery was success and helped Malissa to lose more than half her own body weight in just one year.

Now she plans to have more cosmetic surgery to remove the 14 lbs (1 stone) of excess skin left after her dramatic weight loss.

(Click here if you would like to find out more about Gastric Bypass and Weight Loss Surgery.)

“I’ve discovered a whole new world. I’m out every weekend clubbing. I’ve had a lot more boyfriends because I feel much more attractive and confident.”

Malissa’s eating problems started when she was just TWO and spiraled out of control when she was seven. Malissa explains:

“My mum had a stillborn baby and with so much upset in the family, food was comforting. When I was seven my parents separated and I got fatter. I couldn’t fit into a school uniform or run around the playground.”

Her mum Dawn, 45, took her to visit the doctors and locked the kitchen cupboards, but Malissa would still managed to steal food at home and buy Mars bars and Snickers with her pocket money.

“I knew Malissa was far too fat. But her eating habits proved impossible for anyone to control.” Dawn said.
During the night, Malissa admits to secretly stealing and partially microwaving burgers and nuggets from the freezer. She would thaw them just soft enough to chew.

“I was so ravenous I didn’t care. Other times I’d have 10 Mars bars in one go. I never felt sick…

“I only felt happy when I had food in my mouth. The longest I could go without eating was four hours. By then my body would be shaking like a drug addicts.”

At her heaviest, 5ft 8in Malissa had a Body Mass Index of 72.4. The healthy range is 18.5 to 25.

She was referred to an eating disorders specialist, counselors and nutritionists, but nothing worked.

“My life was a nightmare. I was constantly teased at school, and was in and out of hospital with kidney and chest infections. At 15, I collapsed with chest pains and was rushed to hospital with the first of three suspected heart attacks. I was diagnosed with angina…

“I also had sleep apnoea, where my weight pressed into my neck and cut off my breathing. And my body got so large I couldn’t get enough oxygen…

“I’d have bad asthma and spend most of the day stuck in a chair unable to move. At night I wore an oxygen mask to keep me alive…

“[At age 17]Doctors told me my weight was crushing my internal organs. I was so ill I had only months to live and I might not see my 18th birthday.”

Malissa thought her only hope was a gastric bypass to drastically reduce the size of her stomach and restrict the amount she could eat.

malissa jones britons fattest teenager after gastric bypass Gastric Bypass Saves 476 Lbs 16 Year Old

A year after her 36 hours operation, Malissa now weighs 14 stone (476 lbs), is size 16 and eats 1,000 calories a day.

Her asthma has gone and she has a full-time job in business admin. Malissa said:

“I’ve massive scars down my body where they had to slice through so much flesh to get to my stomach…
“But my confidence has soared and most of all I enjoy going out and looking normal.”

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