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New Breakthrough Lung Cancer Treatment

New Breakthrough Lung Cancer Treatment

New surgical treatment for lung cancer shows promise…

French doctors have pioneered a new treatment for lung cancer that does not require the removal of a patient’s lung. The new procedure, developed by a medical team at the Bobigny Hospital, Paris, involves removing the growth, then implanting an artificial bronchus – supported by a metal scaffold – to aid the patient’s breathing.

The bronchus is constructed from the patient’s aorta – the largest artery in the body – eliminating the need for the patient to take anti-rejection drugs, which are known to react with cancer treatments.

french doctors breakthrough lung cancer treatment New Breakthrough Lung Cancer Treatment

French doctors pioneer new lung cancer treatment

Image Credit: BBC, 2011.

The life-saving surgery to remove a serious tumor in the center of the patient’s lung was performed in October 2009, and while a third of all patients suffering from the later stages on lung cancer typically died within a year, 78 year-old Parisian is said to be doing well 16 months after the treatment.

Although the treatment has been under developmemt for the last ten years, doctors waited until now to release their findings to see how their first patient reacted and recovered.

The medical team says that the procedure allows for a greater margin of safety and hopes the success of its technique will lead to more life-saving operations.

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