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Luna Mini Silicone Brush Aims To Clean Face Better

Luna Mini Silicone Brush Aims To Clean Face Better

Silicone brushes and high-frequency pulses clean your face better than your hands…

The Luna Mini is a new device that hopes to change the way we clean our faces. The first of its kind facial cleanser uses sonic pulses combined with soft silicon brushes to provide a cleaning experience that’s more effective than traditional washing.

Upon first appearance the Luna Mini, developed by Foreo, looks nothing like a cleaning device, let alone one for such a sensitive area of the body. However the patented V-Frequency technology is said to ‘remove makeup, dirt and oil up to 6 times more effectively than washing by hand.’

luna mini silicone brush facial cleanser

Luna Mini Silicone Brush

Image Credit: Foreo, 2013.

The high-frequency pulses together with the non-abravise silicone brushes, also help to unblock follicles, clear acne, enlarged pores and oily patches.

The device charges via a concealable USB cable, and provides up to 300 washes on a single charge. It’s also waterproof, light, travel friendly and comes with a 10 year warranty.

The Luna Mini is set to sell for around $130 dollar when it starts shipping later this year.

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