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LookTel Artificial Sight For Smartphones

LookTel Artificial Sight For Smartphones

LookTel on your smartphone can read back text, identify objects and landmarks…

Visual readers with audio playback look set to give much need assistant to the visually impaired. While not a new concept, previous incarnations such as the Intel Reader have been costly and let’s say, not readily available.

But that might all be about to change with the development of a nifty little piece of software from LookTel.

The app basically transforms your smartphone into a visual reader with audio playback. Using the software users can simply point their smartphones at an object or a piece of text, and LookTel will use audio playback to describe the object, or read back the text.

“LookTel gives smart phones ‘artificial vision’ to create a helpful electronic assistant for anyone who is visually impaired or blind.”

The software is still in its Beta version, with developers working hard to tweak landmark recognitions. Nevertheless, with so many smartphones in use and the costs of the devices and applications reasonably priced, the LookTel software has the potential to affordably aid the sight of the visually impaired all over the world.

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