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Lockheed Martins HULC To Get Fuel Cells

Lockheed Martins HULC To Get Fuel Cells

Lackheed Martin’s Human Exoskeletons…

The development of Lockheed Martin’s new Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC) Exoskeleton is not too far from complete. However there are still a few kinks that need ironing out, and Lockheed are right on track. The newest upgrade to the super exoskeleton comes in the form of power – battery power.

lockheed martin hulc expskeleton Lockheed Martins HULC To Get Fuel Cells

Previous prototypes of the HULC could only run for a matter of hours. But researchers are now looking to fuel cells to provide a more efficient solution The new fuels cells will be able to power the exoskeleton for up to 72 hours, they will also provide a power outlet for other mobile devices soldiers may carry.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the HULC:

The HULC is a completely un-tethered, hydraulic-powered anthropomorphic exoskeleton that provides users with the ability to carry loads of up to 200 lbs for extended periods of time and over all terrains. Its flexible design allows for deep squats, crawls and upper-body lifting. There is no joystick or other control mechanism. The exoskeleton senses what users want to do and where they want to go. It augments their ability, strength and endurance. An onboard micro-computer ensures the exoskeleton moves in concert with the individual. Its modularity allows for major components to be swapped out in the field. Additionally, its unique power-saving design allows the user to operate on battery power for extended missions. The HULC’s load-carrying ability works even when power is not available.

Lockheed announced on Wednesday 17th, that Protonex Technology Corporation will develop the new fuel cells. Now, with further development into fuel management, the HULC may soon become the slip-on cyborg solution of the future.

Check out this overview of the HULC exoskeleton in action.


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