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Lasik Eye Surgery Harms Patients

Lasik Eye Surgery Harms Patients

Findout about the risks of laser eye surgery to correct your vision problem.

Patients harmed by Lasik eye surgery experienced emotions of fury and despair last month as they told U.S government health officials about their years of enduring eye pains and blurred or double vision.

lasik eye surgery Lasik Eye Surgery Harms Patients

Some symptoms were so inflicting that a few patients were driven to suicide.

“Too many Americans have been harmed by this procedure and it’s about time this message was heard,” said David Shell, who had Lasik eye surgery back in 1998.

“[I have] not experienced a moment of crisp, good quality vision since.”

Colin Dorrian was at college when he decided to have Lasik eye surgery. Doctors told him he was not a good candidate but he proceeded with the treatment anyway. Dorrian experienced six years of pain before leaving a suicide note to the Food and Drug Administration panel saying, “I can’t and won’t continue facing this horror.”

Matt Kotsovolos was part of the team at the Duke Eye Center when he decided to have a more sophisticated Lasik procedure in 2006.

His surgery was classed as a success because he now has 20/20 vision. However Kotsovolos says this is a common deceptive industry practice.

“For the last two years I have suffered debilitating and unremitting eye pain,
“Patients do not want to continue to exist as helpless victims with no voice.”

The recent hearing has forced the Food and Drug Administration to take a new look at the real risks involved in Lasik eye surgery. The FDA will team up with a group of surgeons to conduct a major study into who has bad outcomes, and why.

Nearly all Lasik eye surgery patients walk away with crisper vision. According to the American Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgery, a reported 95% of patients are happy with their outcome.

However the remaining 5% are reported to suffer life-changing side effects including poor vision (even with glasses), painful dry eyes, glare or inability to see or drive at night.

Dr. Daniel Schultz, the FDA medical device chief says,

“Clearly there is a group who are not satisfied and do not get the kind of results they expect,
“The study should “help us predict who those patients might be before they have the procedure.”

Around 7.6 million Americans have undergone some form of corrective laser surgery,
The Lasik procedure costing around $2,000 is quick and in most cases, painless and effective.

During the procedure the doctor cuts a flap in the cornea, a laser is then aimed underneath it, where it zaps and reshapes the cornea for sharper sight.

Doctors advise against Lasik for one in four people who seek the surgery. This is because their pupils are too large, corneas too thin, or they may have some other condition that increases the risk of a poor outcome.

Solomon estimates that less than 1 percent of patients have severe complications that leave poor vision.

But the other side effects from dry eyes, to intense pain, are harder to pin down. The causes of these other side effects are what the FDA’s new study is being geared to find out.

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