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Keep Your Brain Healthy

Keep Your Brain Healthy

Keep your brain healthy with these 5 tips…

According to a new University of Virginia study, memory problems can arise as early as your 20s.

After evaluating more than 2,000 men and women between the ages of 18 and 60 for seven years, researchers found that by the age of 27, brain speed, puzzle-solving capabilities, and abstract reasoning started to decline in most people.

That doesn’t mean you are likely to get a bout of amnesia for your 27th birthday, but it does mean you should start looking after your brain from an early age.

Here are 5 tips on how to keep your brain healthy:

1. Stay Active

swimming Keep Your Brain Healthy

Scientist believe that exercise may help increase the size of your hippocampus – the region of the brain associated with long-term recall. Any form of exercise is good, however jogging and swimming appear to have the most benefits on the brain.

2. Eat Healthy

foods high in antioxidants Keep Your Brain Healthy

Gary Small, M.D., author of iBrain says ‘whats good for you heart is good for your noggin’. He advises eating food that are rich in antioxidants (berries, prunes, date, beets, peppers, spinach etc) and high in omega-3 fatty acids (fish and olive oil).

3. Organize Memory Visually

 Keep Your Brain Healthy

By learning remember things visually, you can help ‘train’ your brain to increase memory capacity. If you need to remember a group of items, try arranging them into smaller units. Take your social security number for example, you no doubt remember this number because it’s arranged in groups of three, two and four numbers.

4. Don’t Over Do It

iphone contacts Keep Your Brain Healthy

Although technology can leave you mentally drained, it can also free your brain up from things that don’t need to be committed to memory e.g. phone numbers, addresses and birthdays.

5. Play And Relax

brain age 2 nintendo ds Keep Your Brain Healthy

Playing certain video games is a great way to exercise your brain. There are many puzzle-solving games out there – like Brain Age 1 and 2 for Nintendo DS – that can actually help improve your memory and problem solving abilities.

Giving your brain time to rest is also important. Relaxing reduces stress levels which in turn can boost brain power.

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