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Joint Replacement Surgery Improves Sex Drive

Joint Replacement Surgery Improves Sex Drive

Hip replacement and knee replacement surgery improve sex drive…

Many elderly people undergo orthopedic surgery to improve mobility, however a new study has uncovered an unexpected benefit of such procedures: patients enjoy sex more.

The new study, conducted by Dr. Jose Rodriguez, director of the Center for Joint Preservation and Reconstruction, and his colleagues at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, found that hip or total knee replacement surgery improved self-reported sexual function in 90 percent of patients.

The results showed that hip replacements showed a higher rate of improvement in sexual activity than knee replacements, and that more females reported improvement in sexual activity than males did.

Rodriguez decided to create the survey to learn more about how sexual experience was affected by getting a new joint. He said that many patients fear they’ll damage the new joint if they have sex, and are too shy to ask any questions about it.

Now he’s proud to make a point of telling people, after their operations, that: “most of what you want to do — physical and intimate — you can do.”

joint replacement improves sexual activity 550x302 Joint Replacement Surgery Improves Sex Drive

Joint Replacement Surgery Improves Sex

The participants were complied from two arthroplasty surgeons, who received 147 responses form patients. At total of 116 returned the six-month survey and 65 also sent back the one-year survey. The mean age of patients was around 58 years; there were 69 males and 78 females in the initial group.

Before the surgery, 67 percent of respondents reported having physical problems with sexual activity that included pain and stiffness – 49 percent had reduced sex drive and 14 percent had an inability to attain the necessary position. 91 percent of participants also reported psychological issues such as a lack of well-being and low self-image (53 percent).

After surgery, nearly half of the patients reported an improvement sex; 35 percent said they had increased duration of intercourse; 41 percent reported more frequent sex; 84 percent said they had improved well-being; and 55 percent reported having an improved self-image.
Getting total hip or knee replacement is known to improve overall well-being and self-esteem, which itself can be a turn-on, explained Rodriguez:

“Anything that causes pain and affects how you move is going to influence sexuality,”

Rodrigues did note a few limitations of the study. The findings were based soley on self-report, which could lead to more skewed results. There number of people analyzed was still to few to draw a conclusion.

However, other experts agree that the results would appear to make logic sense. Dr. Giles Scuderi, vice president of orthopedics at North Shore-LIJ Healthcare System in Great Neck, N.Y., said:

“The most important message here is overall performance and self-image are improved. Patients’ lifestyles are definitely better after these surgeries.”

The study was presented Tuesday 19th March at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual meeting in Chicago.

And a second study is scheduled to be presented by Swiss researchers. This research showed that patients who recently underwent total hip replacements surgery are more active than were patients who got the procedure a decade ago. This study also found that most of them return to their previous recreational activities, including biking, hiking, swimming and golfing.

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