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Job Seekers Trying Plastic Surgery

Job Seekers Trying Plastic Surgery

Job Seekers Trying Cosmetic Surgery And Medical Financing…

Amidst the grip of a worldwide recession, the plastic surgery industry is experiencing a surge of new patients not only looking for a new image and confidence, but hoping to wow future employers. Many job seekers are now turning to plastic surgery in hope to increase their chance of obtaining work, this trend is especially popular among women.

Job Seekers Trying Cosmetic Surgery

“People cannot only rely on their skills in this market,” says a surgeon whose $6,000 facelift option is popular with the unemployed.

Some clients are even turning to plastic surgery loans says a Manhattan surgeon who offers a “Job Fighter Package” promotion.

A 56-year-old music executive who spent $17,000 on a facelift said:

“I know I’ll soon have to interview…I look at least 10 to 15 years younger and I have more confidence.”

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