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New Internal Bra Safer Than Implants

New Internal Bra Safer Than Implants

Internal Bra Fixed To the Ribs And Fascia of Breast Muscle

Ladies can once again burn their bras as a new technology may change the way women dress forever!

internal bra.thumbnail New Internal Bra Safer Than ImplantsIsraeli researchers are currently working on an internal bra using a technique called “Minimally Invasive Mastopexy”. The internal bra is made from silicone and is attached to the ribs and fascia.

It is supposed to work and feel like a real bra where a strap lies on the shoulder and attaches round the body. In much the same way the silicone bra will attach to the ribs instead of the shoulder and to fascia in the lower part of the body.

Reports suggest that implants may sag after a while but the internal bra will keep its shape for longer and is apparently a safer procedure than having silicone implants.


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