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InstyMeds ATM Perscription Med Dispenser

InstyMeds ATM Perscription Med Dispenser

Prescription available from ATM style drug dispenser

The way in which we collect prescriptions may be about to change, InstyMeds hopes to be the first choice for clinics looking for a quick make over, in the form off the health care industry’s first fully automated ATM-style prescription dispenser.

InstyMeds Drug Dispenser

The machine interfaces with the patient through a touch screen color display; a special prescription issued by the doctor contains multiple barcodes which the machine reads to select the correct prescription. Payment is then made via credit or debit card or with cash by using a cash deposit on the dispenser. Patients can then re-fill the prescription at any local pharmacist.

The unit holds about 100 different drugs, 45 of those drugs represent 80% of what is usually prescribed by doctors. InstyMeds dispensers are capable of labeling and dispensing nearly any form of medication including tablets, capsules, inhalers, sprays, creams and ointments, suspensions and syrups.

InstyMeds dispensers have been successfully used in busy health care settings and are already installed in some practices. The Company says that the machine is now ready to roll out on a national basis; all they need now is for the clinics to catch on.


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