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Infrared Sauna Burn Calories Without Working Out

Infrared Sauna Burn Calories Without Working Out

Infrared saunas let you literally sweat away calories, no workout required…

Weight-loss treatments may have new contender thanks to a technology developed by NASA. The infrared dry heat sauna, originally developed to give astronauts a cardiovascular workout without exercise, is now available as a weight-loss therapy.

Cathy Bukaty of the Laser Center of Orlando, one clinic offering the treatment, said:

“If you sweat profusely, clinical studies show that you can burn up to 600 calories in a hour of being in there.”

infrared dry heat sauna 300x419 Infrared Sauna Burn Calories Without Working Out

Infrared Sauna Burns Calories

The treatment is also offered for detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, lower blood pressure, improved circulation, skin purification.

Developed by NASA in early 80s, the infrared sauna creates the same rays as the sun but without the UV radiation. Studies have shown how traditional saunas do not cause the body sweat out toxins, but with the infrared sauna, this actually happens.

This is because the heat is different. The infrared sauna reaches temperatures up to 140 degrees and this extreme heat breaks up the water molecules that hold toxins. Bukaty explained:

“The traditional saunas of the past go a half inch into the tissues. This goes an inch and a half, so three times deeper. Even the sweat produced for this is different.”

Studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic show that infrared saunas can also help treat people with high blood pressure and heart failure.

“It’s amazing everything that it can do from helping cancer patients, heart patients,” Bukaty added.

Another major benefit is that the sauna is not hot and stuffy; it’s lighted and even has music playing! All things designed to help you stay in there for longer, and according to Bukaty, “the longer you stay in, the more benefits.”

Reports show that everyone can benefit from the infrared dry heat sauna, and according to the Mayo Clinic, no adverse side effects have been reported.


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