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Increase in Foot Cosmetic Surgery

Increase in Foot Cosmetic Surgery

Reports show a rise in the number of cosmetic plastic surgery procedure performed on women’s feet…

Studies have shown that wearing high heels can strain muscles and ruin posture, but the want and pressure for women to look their best apparently goes much further than wearing expensive stilettos, as many media sources are now reporting a surprising increase in the number of women opting for plastic surgery on their feet and toes.

Topping of the list of toe and foot plastic surgery procedures is toe shortening and liposuction, but some woman have gone all the way by opting to have toes completely removed.

One of the most common cosmetic procedure for the foot is Liposuction, which is used help slim the toes so they better fit inside pointy high heeled shoes. Toe shortening is also employed for the same reason and although this operation is often performed for cosmetic reasons, it can in certain cases, serve as an effective rehabilitation, or reconstructive procedure.

The increase awareness regarding the detrimental effects of wearing high heeled shoes has also lend to increase in one particular procedure dubbed the Loub Job by designer Christian Louboutin, which is used to help reduce the discomfort of wearing stilettos.

increase in foot and toe cosmetic surgery

Increase In Foot And Toe Plastic Surgery

Image Credit: Latextexsafe, 2012.

A Loub Job involves injecting collagen in the toes, ball and heel of the foot to provide cushioning whilst wearing high-heeled shoes.

Wendy Lewis. She is a New York City-based beauty consultant and author of several books, including Plastic Makes Perfect. Wendy Lewis, a New York City-based beauty consultant and author of several books, including Plastic Makes Perfect, said:

“Foot beautification is definitely a trend. Many of these foot concerns are directly related to the shoes we wear.” [WebMD]

Botox is another popular treatment that has been adjusted to help treat bad toes and feet. Not only can Botox be used to treat hammertoes, it can also help to reduce excessive perspiration – a technique already approved to treat excessive underarm sweating.

Laser treatments make up yet another set of cosmetic procedures that can be performed on the feet. Aside from laser hair removal, these techniques can also be used to eradicate foot and toe nail fungus. This procedure only takes on session, but does include a recovery time of up 9-12 months whilst the damaged toe nail grows back.

Despite the increase in amount of cosmetic procedure performed on the feet, not all experts are in favor of the new trend. The American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, warns against any kind of cosmetic foot surgery, claiming the techniques can lead to nerve damage, infection, bleeding, scarring, and chronic pain.

That said, many cosmetic procedures we once deemed risky but continuing advancements in medial technology has helped to reduce theses risks.

Surgery techniques aside, there is one thing all experts agree on, and that’s taking care of your feet. New York City-based podiatrist Suzanne Levine, DPM, advise that the same amount of care that goes in to keep the face and teeth clean should be applied to the feet;

“You should treat your feet like you do your face. You would never think of not washing your face or brushing your teeth before bed, but does anyone really pumice their feet?” [WebMD]

The right kind of care is important too, says Levine:

“Many people think they are taking care of their feet by going for a pedicure and submerging their feet in water that no one should ever submerge their feet in,” she says. The result? Fungal infections.

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