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Penis Enlargement App For iPhone

Penis Enlargement App For iPhone

Enlarge your penis with iPhone hypnotherapy…

For a short period of time, Apple had approved an iPhone application that supposedly enlarged ones manhood using good old hypnotherapy. Weird? Yes. A first? Not by a long shot.

Unfortunately for those interested, the recent app was quietly removed from the app store right after being featured on the popular gadget blog Gizmodo – a coincidence perhaps?

Although the app was taken down, managed to film a quick clip of its hypnotherapy powers in action. Anyone curious as to how it actually worked can have peek by hitting play below.

fire up your sex drive 300x450 Penis Enlargement App For iPhone

Fire Up Your Sex Drive App For iPhone

The app is not the first to claim genital enhancing abilities through the use of sound. Earlier this year another phallic-gear app called Fire Up Your Sex Drive, offered a cure for erectile dysfunction by listening to 6 minutes of audio for 20 days. Astonishingly enough, Fire Up Your Sex Drive, priced at $2.99, is one of several similar applications that are still available in the app store.

Strange indeed, a quick scroll down on the web page reveals a single customer comment that reads, “It’s so fake and stupid. It’s a retarded vibration sound. Do not waste your time.” [Sgt. Fishy, Apple App Store]

igrow male enhancement iphone app 300x300 Penis Enlargement App For iPhone

iGrow Male Enhancement App For iPhone

Another app still available for download is iGrow Male enhancement, priced at $4.99. Again, negative comments aren’t helping its cause. Jonward wrote:

It’s a con! Am I the only one that thinks that the apple store will allow anything these days ? Whoever allowed this in the store should be fired, anyone who bought it refunded and the seller banned. Its six screens of nonsense. Shame on you apple store and shame on who devised this con! Refunds needed! [Jonward, Apple App Store]

Who knows why this particular apps are still available when other similar apps have been removed. Apple obviously has issue when it comes to approving apps for its store.

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