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Coconut Sized Kidney Stone Removed From Man


Hungarian man has 2.48 lb/6.6 inch kidney stone surgically removed…

Kidney stones can range in size, some are as small as a grain of sand, others as big as a golf ball, but earlier this week, Hungarian surgeons got to see how big they can really get when they removed a kidney stone the size of a coconut from a man.

patient sandor sarkadi has had this 17 centimetre in diameter kidney stone removed Coconut Sized Kidney Stone Removed From Man

Sandor Sarkadi underwent an abdominal operation in Debrecen, 150 miles east of Budapest, after doctors discovered he had a kidney stone inside him that was 6.6 inch (17 cm) in diameter.

Mr Sardaki was rushed into an operation theater in the Kenez Gyula Hospital when an X-ray revealed he was carrying around the gigantic lump.

x ray 17cm kidney stone Coconut Sized Kidney Stone Removed From Man

Most kidney stones pass through the body naturally within a few hours or days. Doctors advise patients to drink plenty of fluids and often recommend a special diet to help with the process.

Larger kidney stones must be surgically removed, needless to say, Sardaki’s kidney stone feel into this category.

Sardaki’s kidney stone weighed in at a staggering 2.48lbs (1.12 kg). Doctors say he is now on speedy track to recovery.


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