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How To Prevent Airplane Ear

How To Prevent Airplane Ear

How to stop your ears from popping when traveling on a plane…

Anyone who has ever flown on an airplane will have experience the popping sensation in the ears as the plans takes off, or begins to land.

For some, the popping is easily bearable and no precautions need to be taken, but for others, especially children and those suffering from colds, the feeling can be extremely painful.

The popping is caused by unequal pressure when ascends, or descend quickly.

To prevent this, many chew gum, or suck on hard-boiled candy. But another great way to stop the popping is to use the Valsalva Maneuver.

stop ears popping on airplanes

Prevent Ears Popping On Airplanes

To perform the Valsalva technique, simply pinch your nose, close your mouth and exhale with a reasonable amount of force.

Without over exerting, you should feel a slight pop in the ears. This equalizes the pressure and stops the sensation of pressure in the ears.

The same popping sensation can also be experienced when driving down a mountain. In the car you can prevent the popping sensation by leaving the window open slightly as you descend.


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