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How to Keep Your Metabolism Burning

How to Keep Your Metabolism Burning

How eat and exercise and keep your metabolism burning…

It’s a fact that those who have a slower metabolism are more prone to putting on the pounds. But with some regular exercise and a healthy diet, you can help keep your metabolism burning off those calories.

Eating Morning Meals

Most American breakfasts consist of pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, steak, and various other high-fat, high-carb and high calorie foods. Of course eating this much ‘heavy’ food in the morning is no good for your metabolism, especially if you’re planning to sit in the office or at home all day.

Your rest/digest rhythms are extremely important to your overall health. Paolo Sassone-Corsi, Distinguished Professor and Chair of Pharmacology says:

“When the balance between these two vital processes is upset, normal cellular function can be disrupted, and this can lead to illness and disease.”

Research suggests that proper sleep and diet may help maintain or rebuild this balance, which could explain why the lack of rest or consistent sleep patterns can increase hunger and lead to obesity-related problems.

So, instead of pigging out in the morning, try drinking a glass of water when you first wake up, this will help prepare your digestive system to breakdown your first meal, which should be no bigger than a couple of handfuls of food.

Egg white omelets, fruit bowls or yogurt and granola combinations are a perfect breakfast for beginning to boost your metabolism.

eat wisely How to Keep Your Metabolism Burning

Snack Wisely

Snacks are a great way help clean your arteries, but you’ll have to stay away from chips, porcorn, chocolates or bagels. Instead try snacking on fruit, crackers, cold cuts and juices.

You can also try splitting your meals in to 5, that way you’ll get semi-scheduled snacks without eating hefty meals.


A great time to start your exercise routine is right before lunch. This is because a working out before eating a midday kick-starts your metabolism into action and keeps it running all day, whereas a workout a night only burns those calories you’ve already consumed.

Try to exercise about half an hour before you plan to eat. Eating within the first half hour after exercise is essential to inspiring a metabolism.

Exercise Wisely

With our everyday routines, some may find it hard to plan a regular workout schedule. Nevertheless, exercise works best when applied to your body on a consistent basis, so you should try to maintain a regular workout plan and stick to it.

Try to exercise everyday for thirty minutes instead of three of four times a week for an hour. Working out daily will help you maintain your metabolism, teaching it to expect stimulation and better burn waste from your body. Without consist maintenance, your metabolism will find it hard to jump back into gear.

Also, by attempting to eating as little as possible, your metabolism will start to store fat instead of burn it. So make sure you eat wisely.

exercise wisely How to Keep Your Metabolism Burning

Eating Wisely

Eating at the correct times is key to keeping your metabolism running at an optimal level. After your workout is good place to start. Then you should looking to consume the lean protein in chicken and fish. Don’t forget to have a good portion of fresh vegetables, this will pass right through your system and restore nutrients to your body.

Try to stick to foods that are not fried, that don’t contain lot of potatoes and bread products. Staying away from heavy foods will help your body constantly run like an active engine, instead of stopping, starting and working too hard.

Probiotics and magnesium vitamins can also help to keep your body on a healthy, digestive roll.

Eating Dinner

Ideally, dinner should be smaller than lunch, because your body will have less time to digest it before you sleep. In fact, body’s digestive system begins to shut down around 9 – 10pm.

So, its a good idea to help you metabolism along. Try taking a walk, or short jog, if you have a pet, this would be the perfect time to give them some exercise too.

Eating desert is also entirely okay, especially if you’ve exercised, but try to stay clear of corn syrup, thick carbohydrates and creams that are difficult for the digestive track.


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